Health Care Crisis

Here in the United States, we are in the midst of a crisis. Actually, we are in the midst of several crises. Between the opioid epidemic, diabetes epidemic and obesity crisis, we (as health care providers [HCPs]) are failing our patients. According to the CDC, in 2015-2016, the prevalence of obesity was 39.8% with 93.3 … Continue reading Health Care Crisis


“Hey Google… Define health.”

When I first started nursing school, I always thought health was the absence of disease. That makes sense, right? However, that does not necessarily define what health is. That's like defining that light is the absence of darkness. It merely tells you what it isn't rather that defines what it is. Therefore, let's take a … Continue reading “Hey Google… Define health.”

The Nurse Practitioner Will See You Now

That is what many people are beginning to hear quite frequently. However, many individuals don't know what a nurse practitioner is and how they differ from medical doctors. Nurse practitioners are nurses that go to school for advanced training to become a health care provider. Legally, as a nurse, I can not diagnose, write orders, … Continue reading The Nurse Practitioner Will See You Now