Semester Finals Almost Here

It’s that time of the year! Finals are just around the corner. I’m all finished with one class (HalleluYah!), however, I still have 3 more to go. The class that I finished was on health care policy and economics. It was a very fascinating and eye opening course. In that course, we discussed different bills that are in state or federal levels, talked about how other countries differ through healthcare, and what health is. (A small rabbit trail) In a book that I read, health is not the absence of sickness, but the homeostasis of the whole body (e.g. stability in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). That will be brought up in future posts. Anyway, it still baffles me that we are the leading spender in healthcare when compared to other countries, yet we have one of the worst healthcare systems! Usually when a vast amount of money is spent, that money is used to make improvements. Apparently, that’s not always the case. I enjoyed that class because it made me more mindful of how “big” healthcare appears to be. Yet even in the large scale, anyone can create change!

My other three classes are Advanced Statistics, Advanced Family and Community Nursing, and a course that reviews nursing journals.

Advanced Statistics has been difficult, which is to be expected in a graduate level course. I never have been the best at math, however, that isn’t going to slow progress towards graduation. In this course we have been talking about parametric statistics, standard deviation, ANOVA, t-test, independent t-test, linear regression, likert scales and quite a bit more. This subject has helped me greater understand how this form of mathematics is used in research studies.

Advanced Family and Community Nursing is a class regarding how to look at the community and family as a whole. It put a great deal of emphasis on preventative care and monitoring the health of the community overall. I would love to see more of the health care funding on preventing people from getting sick instead of intervening while they are sick. After all, prevention is the best form of intervention! Not only would it help cut costs within health care (because we are keeping people out of the hospital), it would also increase patient satisfaction and improve life expectancy. Preventative care will also be brought up more in depth in a future post.

Overall, this has been a good start to the Family Nurse Practitioner program. I am so excited to be taking Advanced Physical Assessment over the summer! It is going to be very informative and fun!


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