Busy Semester

Whew! It has been a busy semester already (hence the reason for no post since July). This semester I am taking Advanced Pharmacology, Advanced Pathophysiology, and Nursing Theory.

My favorite class thus far has been advanced pathophysiology. It is fascinating to see how intricate and complex the human body is. We started off with the basics learning about the cell and quickly escalated to genetics and the intricate portions of DNA. Our instructor reassured us that we were only “scratching-the-surface” when it came to the genetics. We also discussed in our class that environmental factors may play a larger role in certain diseases than we thought, something I have greatly suspected for a while now. That caught my attention really quick… I hope to be able to further elaborate on that in coming posts.

Then we moved onto the inflammatory process and immunity (passive and active). The immune system is one of my top favorite parts of the body to study (right behind cardiology). It is so amazing to see all the details of the immune system and that it goes FAR beyond the white blood cells. There’s interluekin, cytokinines, complementary system, TNF-Alpha, etc.! Now we are working through the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and diseases.

Pharmacology is another fascinating and neat course! It is quite interesting how drugs interact with the homeostasis (balance) of the body, whether bringing it back into balance, or accidentally throwing it out. As I learn about these drugs, I also try and research other potential alternative treatments. In the upcoming weeks, I hope to look through some journal articles and studies to find whether some of those treatments are effective.

Nursing theory is a very interesting class. This class brings to light how nursing theories were formed. I am thoroughly fascinated and interested in Nightingales’ theory of the Environment. I hope to post more on that in the future as well!

Some exciting ideas and posts are being formulated and put in the making! I can’t wait to share them with you all on this exciting journey!


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